February 18, 2018
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Amat kurang ajar dan tidak bertanggugjawab bagi Ahli Parlimen Pandan, Rafizi Ramli menganggap fitnah beliau terhadap projek #Negaraku diberikan kepada ‘Abang’ kepada DS Rahman Dahlan adalah kesilapan kecil dan mengharap Rakyat tidak boleh terlalu berkira. Kepala botak dia!

Kita mengalu-alukan tindakan DS Abdul Rahman Dahlan untuk memulakan sessi saman sivil. Untuk mengelakkan Rafizi Ramli dari mengambil kesempatan mengumpul dana, kita harapkan saman yang dikemukakan biar lebih dari RM10 juta. Kita lihat sama ada macai-macai Rafizi Ramli akan turut berusaha untuk membantu beliau.

Berikut adalah Kenyataan Media DS Abdul Rahman Dahlan:

Press Statement 

Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department

December 14, 2017

1. On Monday, Rafizi Ramli ,Vice President of the People’s Justice Party (PKR) convened a press conference and accused me of appointing my brother as the main contractor of Expo Negaraku.

2. At the same press conference, Rafizi Ramli had confidently asserted that he had undertaken thorough research and various investigations, the result of which prove that, Raslan Dahlan, the CEO of PICO Integrated Exhibits (M) Sdn Bhd is indeed my brother. Therefore, I have been accused of nepotism in discharging my ministerial duties by appointing my family member to benefit from Expo Negaraku.

3. Like countless other statements by Rafizi, this is another blatant lie that does not befit his position as a member of Parliament. He was so self-assured and buoyant when making this allegation. After repeating the allegation nine times, Rafizi must have believed his own lies.

4. His body language, demeanor and intonation during the press conference were orchestrated to perfection to convince viewers of his slanderous allegation against me.

5. On the same day, I had to make a quick response to his allegation, because anyone could have been convinced easily by his lies.

6. I have evidence in my possession that Rafizi had contacted Raslan Dahlan immediately after his press conference, via a Facebook message asking whether Raslan was actually my brother. This shows that Rafizi was unsure of the facts. Nonetheless, for the sake of his political ambitions, he went on to defame me.

7. I was also aggrieved by the fact that Rafizi accused EPU officers of leaking the incorrect information in an attempt to create strife between hardworking EPU officers and me.

8. In light of the evidence against Rafizi and the malious allegation thrown at me, I have appointed counsel Datuk M Reza Hassan of Messrs Raja Riza & Associate to exhaust all legal means against Rafizi’s in order to put his continuous slandering to rest.

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