February 23, 2018
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Zahid kelepet makan nasi bungkus sudah lupa masa susah. Kini sudah kaya duit berjuta dan DATO bergelar.  

Dulu mursyidul am Tibai. (Tolak Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim). Kini dia mahu Anwar dibebaskan daripada penjara kerana dosanya sudah diampunkan bila Zahid join Tok wan dalam PH. 

Zahid orang kanan kiri depan belakang TS Isa Samad terlibat dalam kes rasuah pembelian hotel Merdeka Palace di Bandaraya Kuching Sarawak. Kalau terlepas boleh kaya macam bekas bekas ahli PKR. 

Kini dia buat lawak kononnya Gov sengaja buat cerita Felda untuk tutup kes 1MDB.

Kenapa buat lawah wahai bekas mursyidul am tibai? Takut masuk Sungai Buloh ka? 

==========teruskan bacaan ======

Today, there was an article with the headline “Felda scandal being used to divert attention from 1MDB, says Isa Samad’s former aide”.

It tickles me that the person making that statement is Zahid Mat Arip who is now a PRIBUMI party Committee member. 

He is also the person who was arrested and remanded by SPRM for his role in the over-priced purchase of hotels by Felda Investment Corp (FIC) – the same FIC that is now in the spotlight over the Semarak land-deal.

Therefore, Zahid is certainly not one of the most credible person to claim the Felda semarak land issue is a diversion from 1MDB.

In fact according to Pakatan, everything is a diversion from 1MDB – even when they are arrested for corruption and they do not dare to stand trial.

Even when Pakatan dare not show their source of funding when asked to, it is again called a diversion from 1MDB.

Hera are some of those statements from Pakatan where anything is a diversion from 1MDB.

1. Penang graft cases ‘aimed at diverting attention from 1MDB’

2. BMF, forex scandals to ‘divert attention’ from 1MDB, says Dr M’s lawyer


4. ‘Chinese targeted to divert attention from 1MDB’

5. Dr Mahathir: Red shirt rally held to divert attention from 1MDB

6. Najib using political funding reforms to divert focus from 1MDB probe, DAP says

Even if a cat fell into the drain would also be classified as a diversion from 1MDB.



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