February 19, 2018
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The two owners of Synergy Promenade, the company alleged to have grabbed the RM270mil land from FELDA via the Felda Investment Corp (FIC), are Noraini Soltan and her younger brother Rahman Soltan.
Noraini Soltan is a well-known entrepreneur  who got funded and trained by PNB to start a plastics company called Spiro Plastics in 1992 during the time when Tun Ismail Mohd Ali was the chairman of PNB. Tun ismail Ali is the brother-in-law of Tun Mahathir.
With PNB's assistance, the company had grown over the yeas making Noraini well known as a Proton Vendor.
In fact, she often takes the role of organizing chairman of several of Proton Vendor Association (PVA) events:
His son, Mukhriz also has had multiple contact with Noraini Soltan
Another person of note is Zahid Mat Arip, who is a PERKASA committee member and is currently a Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi Parti or Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.
He was the aide of Tan Sri Isa during the Semarak land deal in 2014 and was previously remanded by MACC a few months ago for his role in the over-priced purchase of the Kuching Hotel by Felda Investment Corp.
So, the PRIBUMI people who is now trying to link the Soltan brother and sister to the current government should be aware that their links to Mahathir, his family and his party is even stronger.

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