April 19, 2018
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The Washington Post just ran a story that Malaysia’s fake news act is just censorship.

The listing that was published on the Republican party website complete with photos two months ago in January 2018 said: 

“5. Washington Post FALSELY reported the President’s massive sold-out rally in Pensacola, Florida was empty. Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.”

The Washington Post is also frequently stated to be one of those major news agencies under George Soros’ influence as researched by The Media Report Center who reported that

Former editor and now Vice President of The Washington Post Len Downie serve on boards of operations that take Soros cash. This despite the Society of Professional Journalist’s ethical code stating: “avoid all conflicts real or perceived.”

That is why The Washington Post comes out with such jilat news articles with headlines such as this in Oct 2017:

_Soros has created a superpower for democracy. _

In 2016, George Soros was exposed in document leaks by Wikileaks and DCLeaks where there exist a current “Malaysia Program” that stated his personal interest in regime change in Malaysia and his various funding to opposition NGOs, parties including being a major shareholder of MalaysiaKini.

In fact, DC Leaks had also documented that it was George Soros who pressured the USA to go after 1MDB in March 2016 as he wanted Anwar to replace Najib as according to Soros’ own words, “the USA Govt can use Anwar for the USA’s strategic leverage”:  https://tinyurl.com/ydyo7otl

At that time, the opposition including people like Marina Mahathir had strongly defended George Soros.

That is why our opposition figures all have recent articles in the Washington Posts such as:

Previously Mahathir also called for foreign intervention from foreign governments to intervene in Malaysia and it was Tun Mahathir’s people Khairuddin and Matthias Chang who made reports around the world to foreign govts.

As the General Elections comes closer, it is important for ALL Malaysians to be aware that the attacks from foreign governments and foreign media will escalate and who is responsible for this.


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